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Origin of the idea

I am trying to go to the gym regularly, but it is always a big issue. What I lack the most is a feeling of progress.

At first, I wanted an app to help me keep track of how often I would go and how far I had come. This simple thought quickly evolved though. Exercising was only one of the battles I had to deal with, especially as a solo entrepreneur.

I started to think that, actually, I would love to see many things about my life for the past year on a calendar.

As I was picturing a tool that would allow me to track everything easily, I realized that just keeping track was too simple.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could see all the correlations between every single thing that I did?

Growing up the idea

I was getting really excited about the idea of seeing the correlations between all the aspects of my life. How awesome would it be to know exactly how every I do is connected?

I could find out:

  • Why I am sometimes motivated to do something (like going to the gym), compared to when it feels like hell.
  • Everything that correlates the most with stuff like my happiness, my stress, my weight, my spendings, my sleep… Everything.

The more I was thinking about it, the more uses I could find to seeing the correlations in my life.

When I couldn’t take the excitement anymore, I sat down and came up with the design for DailyS.

Where to find more about the app?

If you are interested and want to get your hands on the app, you can simply visit:

Hope you will find the app as attractive to you as it is to me 🙂

Stay tuned.


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